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Taxi/Limo For Hire Insurance

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Taxi/Limo For Hire Insurance

As the owner of a taxi business or a limousine hire service, you know that insurance is very important to you as it provides you with the necessary protection against the possible risks of running a small business. The correct Taxi Insurance is essential in preventing your business from sustaining unnecessary losses or even going out of business after an accident or an unfortunate event.


As with all other vehicles, taxis and limos can get involved in accidents on the road. As a 2006 New York Times article showed, Taxi and Livery vehicles were less likely to be involved in an accident, but when there were accidents, the passengers of the vehicles were significantly more likely to suffer moderate or severe injuries.


In case of such an accident, would your Taxi Cab Insurance have the correct coverage to be able to cover all medical expenses? As I’m sure you are aware, medical bills and expenses can quickly add up – and without sufficient Taxi Insurance, your business could quickly be in jeopardy. It is much better to have the correct Limo Insurance from the beginning so you can focus your attention and hard earned profits on expanding and improving your fleet.


Another thing to consider with proper Limo Insurance is that the actual damage to the vehicle is also properly insured. Repairs and replacements for taxis and limousines can be quite expensive and remember too that if your taxi or limo is in the shop, there is lost revenue to consider as well.


Comprehensive Taxi Insurance will also take care of your drivers in case an accident results in missed days at work. Since they will not be working while they are recuperating at the hospital following an accident, they will also not be earning you any income. Make sure that the policy you choose allows you to hire other drivers while the injured ones are in hospital at no extra cost hence ensuring that your business is still running no matter what.


Another thing to consider with good Taxi Insurance is damage that could happen to someone else’s property. For instance, supposing your driver gets involved in an accident and causes damage to someone else’s shop, building or personal property. It is much better to leave the loss in the hands of the insurance company and focus on getting your business back on track.


As an insurance company, we have worked with the taxi and limo industry for quite some time and we understand your needs. We know that there is a huge risk involved in driving and owning a taxi or limousine business and we want to makes sure you are covered in case of any eventualities.


We know that you have worked hard to grow your business and want to make sure that even in the event of an accident or unfortunate event, you and your business are fully protected.


We are always more than willing to assist you with any questions and further information that you may need. We value you and for that reason, we are willing to give you an absolutely free quote to assist you with the math. You are under no obligation to purchase the insurance policy so you have nothing to lose. There is absolutely no time to waste so why don’t you get a free quote right away from Best Rate Insurance and make sure that you have the correct taxi or Limo Insurance to fully protect your business.

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