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Florida Car Wash Insurance

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Florida Car Wash Insurance

Owning a car wash is a lucrative business venture that can provide many years of profit with minimal operating costs. But nothing comes without risk, and an auto wash business is no different. Could you afford to stay in business if one of your customers wins a liability judgment against your company? Car Wash Insurance is an excellent way to manage your risks and protect your bottom line against property damage, liability expenses, and loss of income.

Imagine the financial responsibility you would face if one of your employees were to slip and fall on the job? Could you cover medical bills and wage losses? Or what if carwash equipment damages a customer’s brand new sports car? Even if the damage was the fault of the customer, you never know if a jury will rule the claims justified. Furthermore, there is a chance your general business insurance will not cover your bases. All of these real-life situations can be a real drain on your bank account, potentially putting you out of business.


At Best Rate Insurance, we have thought of everything when it comes to Carwash Insurance. In fact, our helpful representatives are capable of finding a carefully crafted plan that protects business owners against nearly every scenario that could threaten revenue flow.


Our policies provide coverage for:

  • Property Damage

  • Customer Vehicle Liability Expenses

  • Loss of Income Due to a Covered Event


Whether you have a single, self-serve car wash that you maintain on your own or a multi-location chain of car washes with hundreds of employees – we have the coverage you need. You should not let one more car drive through your wash bay without getting a coverage analysis from Best Rate Insurance. Then, the next time your building suffers wind damage or a customer serves you with a lawsuit, you can pass the buck to your car wash insurer and get back to work doing what you do best.

Why choose Best Rate Insurance for your Carwash Insurance needs?

  • Our policies are affordable, customizable, and designed to facilitate your long-term success

  • Car Wash Insurance from Best Rate Insurance goes above and beyond the scope of most general business insurance policies, providing coverage protection you may not have known you needed


Complete the simple savings form on this page to get started on your free, no-obligation Carwash Insurance quote from Best Rate Insurance today.

Why Buy From Us

We Automatically shop every renewal to make sure you are always getting the best coverages for an affordable price.

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