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Florida Lawn Care Insurance

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Florida Lawn Care Insurance

As the hard-working owner of a lawn care business, you know that your income is only as reliable as your equipment, tools, and employees. If your gear is stolen or someone suffers an injury in connection with your business and its services, you could be on the hook for the ensuing medical bills and court costs. Could your business survive such a disaster? If you had the right Lawn Care Insurance coverage, the answer would be “yes.”


What Is Landscaping Insurance?

This coverage is exclusively designed to minimize the risks of lawn care and landscaping companies. Here at Best Rate Insurance Exchange, we know that landscapers need someone looking out for their bottom line. You can count on us to protect your business from routine risks you face every day.


Your business may need Landscapers Insurance coverage if it:


  • Installs lawns, trees, plants, and gardens

  • Provides ongoing lawn maintenance

  • Develops and installs structures for landscaping purposes (i.e. decks, water features, retaining walls)


Landscapers have very specific insurance needs. Our insurance experts can bundle together multiple types of coverage that covers all of your bases no matter what comes your way. Your Lawn Care Insurance coverage will be customized to fit your business’s needs, but may include:


General Liability Insurance

You carry out business on property that is not your own. One third-party lawsuit could be enough to strain your financial assets if a non-employee is injured or claims property damage.


Commercial Auto Insurance

The vehicles you and your employees drive between job sites should be insured against collision damages and liability, as well as theft and vandalism.


Commercial Property Insurance / Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

A business owner’s policy protects your personal property and equipment. From your company computers to the lawnmowers and heavy duty landscaping equipment you use to generate income, the Commercial Property portion of your Landscaping Insurance policy protects you against covered events like theft and fire.


Inland Marine Insurance

Since your lawn care company is a mobile operation, you need insurance that protects your tools and equipment when you are working off-site. Whether your trailer is severely damaged in a collision or your mower is stolen while you are taking a lunch break, an inland marine addition to your Landscapers Insurance can protect your landscaping business tools and equipment on the move.


Workers Compensation

You need Workers Comp coverage if you have even one employee. The people who work for you face a risk each day. One work-related injury, such as back strain when lifting pallets of sod, could incur medical bills and lost wage compensation for your business. More severe injuries could even lead to a lawsuit, legal fees, and possible settlement/judgment costs.


Umbrella Liability / Excess Liability Insurance

Umbrella Insurance is back-up protection designed to kick in when liability limits have been exhausted on another policy.


Choose Best Rate Insurance Exchange For Your Florida Company’s Landscaping Insurance Needs


  • We understand the unique coverage needs of landscapers and lawn care providers. We won’t let you purchase a policy without revealing coverage gaps that could leave you financially vulnerable.

  • We are an independent agency, offering competitive rates and access to coverage from multiple leading insurance companies throughout the state.


For more information about Landscapers Insurance options available from Best Rate Insurance Exchange, contact one of our friendly agents for a free quote today.

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