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What insurance is required after a DUI, is it an FR44 or SR22?

Well, this depends on the State where the DUI took place. In most States, the DUI Insurance required will be the SR22 Insurance. Florida and Virginia both require FR44 high limit insurance. The Florida FR44 insurance limits are 100/300/50 where as Virginia’s FR44filing requires you to carry 50/100/40. In both States, this FR44 requirement is for a 3 year period. Most other States require an SR22 insurance. In Florida, most companies will require these policies to be paid in full, although there are a few that still allow monthly payments on FR44’s. Best Rate Insurance has been writing FR44 policies for over 6 years now and we’ve been able to help thousands of insured’s with the FR44 requirement. We also work with most of the companies that offer the FR44, so chances are that we can find you the most affordable insurance policy. Call us today for your free FR44 quote from one of our specialists.

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