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Florida Convenient & Grocery Store

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Florida Convenient & Grocery Store Insurance

If you are the owner of a grocery store or convenient store, you know how expensive insurance can be for your business. But choosing a cut-rate policy is no way to save on costs. If you haven’t spoken with a Best Rate Insurance representative about grocery or convenience store insurance, you could be underinsured or otherwise paying way too much for coverage.


Convenience store insurance is unique coverage designed to make stores safer for employees and customers alike. Imagine a storm blowing through, ripping the canopy off your gas pumps and slamming it into a customer’s car. How would you pay for the damages? With the right convenience stores insurance, your part would be as simple as making a phone call to file a claim.


At Best Rate Insurance, our goal is to help convenience store and grocery store owners get comprehensive insurance coverage while keeping as much of their hard-earned cash as possible. We want to see our customers gain access to premium coverage at low rates. The lowest premiums are awarded to store owners who facilitate a low-risk work environment that is safe and OSHA compliant. Stores that are more resistant to theft and accidents will save on convenience stores insurance costs.


One way we lower rates is by reviewing the day-to-day operations of your business and determining if factors like workers comp claims or OSHA citations could be costing you more money each month. We also work through your existing convenience stores insurance to find excess coverage you don’t need or protection gaps that need to be closed. Ultimately, both could cost you thousands of dollars in overpaid premiums or out-of-pocket claim expenses.


We will make sure that your insurance covers you in nearly any circumstance. Our policies provide protection for:


  • Structural damages

  • Loss of inventory

  • Worker’s claims

  • Loss of income

  • Propane tank exchange

  • Gasoline pumps and canopy

  • Liability


We can even provide you with an umbrella policy that backs up your coverage limits to ensure your business is protected no matter what comes your way.


Choose Best Rate Insurance for your convenience store insurance needs. We offer:


  • Individually crafted insurance policies with all-around protection you can count on

  • A long-standing reputation for excellence and customer service dating back to 2004

  • Affordable insurance rates that improve your bottom line


Don’t wait to find out if you could be saving cash on your convenience store insurance. Get your free, no-obligation free quote from Best Rate Insurance today.

Why Buy From Us

We Automatically shop every renewal to make sure you are always getting the best coverages for an affordable price.

Your very own insurance advisor

Referral rewards program

Always free insurance consultations

Advantage of the latest technology such as Electronic Signatures and Documents

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