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Florida Janitorial Insurance

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Florida Janitorial Insurance

As the owner of a janitorial business, you know the potential for generating a lucrative income maintaining someone else’s property. But one wrong move could cost you big. Whether you are a one-person business or employ several custodians, you need janitorial insurance that will protect you against costly claims.


Imagine cleaning someone’s home and accidently breaking an expensive heirloom. Or think of the litigation you would face if a corrupt employee stole valuable information one of your clients. A single incident could be enough to put you out of business without the right custodian insurance.


Your janitorial business is unlike a traditional business in that your customers do not come to you – you go to them. Working on their property and around their belongings presents unique risks to both you and your crew. Traditional business insurance just doesn’t make the cut. Instead, you need janitorial insurance from Best Rate Insurance to ensure you are covered no matter where your business takes you.


At Best Rate Insurance, we offer custom-tailored custodian insurance with protection for:


  • General liability

  • Worker’s compensation

  • Property loss (such as lost keys)

  • Business property and structural damage

  • Business auto insurance

  • Personal injury


We know that your goal as a business owner is to cut your costs as much as possible. That is why we offer affordable rates that fit your budget without sacrificing coverage. If your business is a part of the clean-up industry in any capacity, you may need janitorial insurance.


Contact Best Rate Insurance for a free, no-obligation quote today.


Why purchase custodian insurance for Best Rate Insurance today?


  • The cost of janitorial insurance is nominal compared to the expense of paying a court judgment.

  • We have policies that will protect you and your employees in the office, at off-site jobs, and during the drive between.


Don’t visit even one more property without the coverage you need. Complete the simple savings form on this page to get started on your free, no-risk quote from Best Rate Insurance today.

Why Buy From Us

We Automatically shop every renewal to make sure you are always getting the best coverages for an affordable price.

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