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Florida Medical Spa Insurance

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Florida Medical Spa Insurance

You are probably here because you own a medical spa or you are looking to start one. If you already have a medical spa, you are probably planning on expanding your business in order to be a part of the growing beauty industry. As a business owner, does your insurance provide the required protection against potential risks in this rapidly growing industry?


Recent growth in the number of medical spas and increased access to new technologies has led to a lot of spas including several new services such as medical peels, waxing, cellulite reduction, weight loss programs and microdermabrasion. All these new services may be opportunities for new business, but they also increase the risk factor and potential for huge lawsuits. As a result of this, it is important that you get medical spa insurance now more than ever in order to be protected against liability claims.


So, as a spa business owner, are you protected against potential risks involved in your line of business? Before you answer that consider the fact that you face liability for the following exposures just for a start.


  • Burned skin from lasers

  • Injuries due to slips and falls in common areas

  • Permanent cosmetic mishaps

  • Sexual abuse claims from massage services

  • Diseases from waxing


With all these liabilities, running your spa business without insurance coverage is gambling with your entire savings and revenue. As you can see, the claims can be quite costly for you as a business owner and attempting to take on such a huge financial load can leave you bankrupt. Attempting to use up your savings and hard earned money on every lawsuit that comes your way can rapidly deplete your savings leaving you in a financial crisis.


Instead of taking chances with your money, it is much better to transfer the risk to a financial company and never ever have to worry about the risk again. Medical spa insurance policies are different from other kinds of policies in that they have been designed with the beauty industry in mind and considers the risks involved with running a medical spa business. On the very bare minimum, a basic spa policy should be able to cover the following services.


  • Hair Cutting and Coloring

  • Tanning

  • Chemical Peels

  • Pedicures

  • Ear piercing


This may be sufficient if your spa just provides the basic services but in case you have expanded your business to provide more services such as laser treatments, acupuncture, ear candling, teeth whitening and tattoo removal just to name a few, you need to have the latest and most up to date insurance cover for your business. The risk involved with the medical spa business and beauty industry in general is very real and can happen to any one at any time. There is no way in which you can predict when something will happen so it is wise that you have it under insurance and out of your list of things to worry about. When unfortunate incidences usually happen in the medical spa, the losses are huge and can take a financial toll on your business if it is not insured.


Lawsuits involved with compensation claims from injured staff and customers can also be very expensive for your business. Trying to take on the financial burden of all potential lawsuits can be suicide for your business since it can be really expensive. There is no need of having to work hard in your business only to have the money go to lawsuits and compensation claims. There is definitely better uses for this money that you had planned on and with insurance, you can definitely put your money where it belongs, in your pocket.


Instead of having to reach into your pocket every time someone sues your business over injuries at the workplace, you can simply lay back and let the insurance coverage do it for you. Transferring the risk to the insurance company lets you focus more on your business and how you can expand it instead of having to think about compensation claims and other risks inherent with the beauty industry. This gives you the peace of mind you need in order to run a successful medical spa and in the end, you stand to gain a lot from the insurance.

The risk in the beauty industry is very real and can happen anytime so it is always good to have insurance cover as soon as possible. As an insurance company, we understand that you need to run your business without having to worry about the risk involved. We take on the risk for you letting you do more in your business and expand it even further. We ensure financial security for your business by financing lawsuits and compensation claims that may come your way. Damages are paid for as soon as possible in order to ensure the continuity of your business.


With vast experience working with various medical spas and beauty establishments, we understand what exactly you face in your business and we have come up with an insurance policy that has you in mind and covers every aspect of risk that is involved with your business. As a result, we have the most up to date policies that factor the latest trends in medical spas and the beauty industry as a whole. We take on the risk for you allowing you to expand your business free of worries.


There is no need of you losing your hard earned revenue in lawsuits and claims while you can simply let the insurance take care of it and focus on providing better services toy your business. You can request a free quote which is non-obligatory meaning that you can simply walk away with no questions asked. This is to show how much we are willing to work with you to protect your business and let you keep your money.


With the huge risk that is involved with the medical spa business, the best course of action would be to request a free quote right away and do the math for yourself so waste no time and get one right now.

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